Tuesday’s Tune – 16

Summertime Blues – The Who

It seems the warm weather is encouraging some OAPs to rub out their rheumatism and announce tour dates.  Last week it was the turn of Robert Plant and Peter Gabriel, this week the Who.  I’ve got tickets for Plant and Gabriel but not sure about going along to the Arena for the Who.

I was never a huge fan in my youth although I appreciate them more these days.  They were one of those bands when I was at school that one of my mates loved, in this case Colin Smith. Mainly I think because his older brother was a huge fan.  I liked bits and pieces but nothing enough to make me spend copious amounts of money on their albums.  I’ve only ever owned three, Who’s Next, The Story of the Who and Live at Leeds.  Strangely, I really like pretty much everything on those albums but I’ve never been inclined to buy any more of their stuff.  Like at school there is always something else which appeals more it seems.

I have seen the Who live.  Back in 1980 I went along to Newcastle City Hall with the afore mentioned Colin Smith to witness them on their farewell tour.  Yeah, right!


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