Got My Field Notes Covered…Or I Will Have.

Just a short post to highlight a Kickstarter project I’m currently backing.

I’ve started to carry a Field Notes notepad with me at all times.  It’s either thrown into my backpack or stuffed into one of my jacket pockets, usually without too much due care and attention.  As a result they can take a bit of a pounding.  Now a bit of “weathering” can add some character to pretty much any notebook but the FN books are relatively femmer and can end up looking knackered.

The Field Assistan Info

I’d been looking for something to help combat this but a something which wouldn’t mask the simple beauty of a FN book.  A trawl through Google landed a couple of options, some of which I’m likely to pursue, but Kickstarter really came up trumps with Jeff Grant’s project.  I like the way the cover sheathes the notebook but doesn’t hide it in use.  I’ve gone for the Octopoda option because you basically can’t go wrong with anything that has hints of Cthulhu about it.  I don’t know how practical this will turn out as far as weight and the loss of flexibility is concerned but you never know until you try it, eh?

The Field Assistant Octopoda

There are 3 days left on the project if it interests you.  And why wouldn’t it?

Recommended Drink:  Given the theme it has to be Kraken Rum.

I am not affiliated in any way to the vendor other than I have backed this project.  Photographs taken from the vendor’s Kickstarter page.

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