So, here we are once more…

I am a man of passions.  Reading, music, alcohol, amongst others, I love them all and don’t think I’ll ever tire of them.  My enthusiasm for each tends to wax a wane over the years.  I find myself becoming enamoured with a particular pastime and that will consume my time for months on end.  I’ll devour any piece of information on a particular subject until I become saturated.   Then slowly my interest will wane and something else comes along to take up my time.

I rarely ever forgo one of these passions, they always remain with me, but the intensity is diminished.  They sit in the background of my life waiting, perhaps, for the fires of enthusiasm to be rekindled but always there never the less.  I do find this somewhat frustrating to be honest.  As a result I don’t have, and don’t think I ever will have, a hobby.  I just don’t think it is in my make-up.

Alongside this waxing and waning enthusiasm is the desire to put some words down in a journal format.  To date I think I have started 4 blogs and all, including this, have burned brightly for a while before being side lined by a new passion.  My writing tends also to follow my levels of stress and/or depression.  If I’m particularly stressed or depressed I find a cathartic release in put this nonsense down onto paper/the ether.

So, here we are once more.  I’m not sure how long this will last.  My current stress levels are fairly high so I may be around here for a while.  However, I’m equally as likely to find another distraction.  Who knows? One thing I’m going to try to do is pull all the posts from previous blogs and add them to this one.  Not sure if that is easy or even possible but it’ll keep me occupied for a while.  Not even sure where to find some of them.


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