Tuesday’s Tune – 8

Steve Hackett – Clocks-The Angel of Mons

In honour of heading to the Sage tomorrow evening to see him I thought I’d pop this, my favourite Hackett tune, on here.  I first heard this courtesy of my old school mate Steve Armstrong.  I believe he had a copy on a 12″ single which he used to take along to our school disco and bother the poor DJ until he played it.  I have to say it didn’t impress much at the time and was a bugger to headbang along to.  However, something must have clicked because I hunted out a copy of Spectral Mornings about 10 years ago just so I could hear it again.

I’ve since picked up several more pieces of Hackett’s solo work but, to me Spectral Mornings, and this track in particular, is the strongest.  His recent success has seen him book bigger venues and as well as tomorrow’s show he will be playing the City Hall in October.  I caught him live in Sage Two a couple of years ago so it will be interesting to see him in the larger Hall One.  It’s bound not to have the intimacy but I’m hoping for good things.

Recommended drink:  How about a Mons Abbey Dubbel.  Seems appropriate enough.


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