Tuesday’s Tune – 6

Hughes/Thrall – The Look in Your Eye

In the last few days Britain has lost one of its true greats.  Andy Johns passed away of Sunday after a history of liver problems.  His musical legacy, as they say in cliché-ville, will live on forever.  You may well own several of the albums he helped create, you just might not realise it.

He is probably best known for his work as an engineer on albums by Jethro Tull (Stand Up, Living in the Past), Led Zeppelin (II, III, IV etc) and the Rolling Stones (Sticky Fingers, Exile on Main St. etc) amongst many, many others. He was also a prolific producer and worked on records with sales totalling over 160 million copies.

His 80s output, whilst not as well recognised as his earlier work, resulted in some of the best music of the era.  In particular one of the great (largely) undiscovered gems of the AOR genre is the Hughes/Thrall LP.  The partnership would only last for one album (a second was recorded but has yet to be released) but it contains some cracking tunes.  The Look in Your Eye is what I class a Mayfair song.  Just hearing the opening bars gets me itching to race onto that old dance floor.

Recommended Drink: As Johns went to school in the city how about a nice beer from Gloucester Brewery.


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