Tuesday’s Tune – 2

Rush – Closer To The Heart

This one goes out to top bloke and huge Rush fan Rod.  Rod is probably unable to watch this right now as he is likely to be kicking his feet back in an intensive care bed.  Rod’s ticker has been playing up over the last few years and for someone with a fear of the medical profession, and all that we can do to you, that’s a bit of a problem.  However, the risk/benefit scales have recently tipped so far that even he was inclined to to let someone poke around in his chest.

So, after one false start last week, Rod went under the knife today at Freeman Hospital.  As a get well message I figure this is a pretty apt starting point and one I know he’d appreciate.  So here you go, this one’s for you mate.

Taken from the A Farewell to Kings LP, released in 1977, this was a live staple right up until the early 2000s when it was dropped.  It has, however, made a return to the set list on recent tours.




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