Heaton Drink

On Saturday night I had a great evening in Heaton, at the abode of international bon viveur PJ, as 6 of us recreated a little bit of Barcelona in the NE.  Clothes were lost, food burned and the police almost called to break down a door.  And that was before we’d even started!  Brits abroad eh?

We’d each produced far too much great food to possibly get through in one evening.  But that just meant there was plenty to pick at as we whiled away 6 hours or so in languid conversation.

Tapas & beer

Tapas & beer (Note special carry-out bottle)

Tapas, wine & friends

Drinking highlights of the evening:

  • A 2 pint carry out of Hawkshead NZPA courtesy of the Free Trade Inn.  OK so it had nothing to do with Barca but it’s such a good drink that it befits any gathering.  Beautifully layered flavours fill your mouth from fresh, pithy orange & grapefruit to a soothing mango backbone which holds it all together.  I could quite happily sup this in some lazy Barceloneta bar protected from the sun by an over-sized parasol as I watched the world go by.
  • A bottle of  Especial Pinot Noir Limari Valley 2010 courtesy of the Wine Society.  Lovely deep, ripe cherry flavours lifted by a dash of strawberry sweetness.  This worked so well with all the meats on offer.  Gorgeous.
Maycas Reserva

Maycas Reserva

  • A Bottle of G’Vine Nouaison courtesy of Rehills in Jesmond.  I’d drank a glass of it’s sister gin Flouraison  in the delightful Pesca Salada in Barcelona so when Gill spotted this in town it was a no-brainer to buy.  Smelling as fresh as woodland in a spring shower and with a zesty, herb and spice infused palate.  Think grape, cinnamon, a touch of aniseed with a gentle juniper backbone, all wrapped in silk.  Served with frozen grapes and Schweppes Tonic.
G'Vine Nouaison

G’Vine Nouaison

Honorable mentions also to the Cava, 3 other bottles of red wine, El Buli beer and the unctuous Pedro Ximenez sherry which accompanied desert.  Not a bad one amongst them.

Best part of the evening? The company.



Billy & Gill

Billy & Gill



Emma and I were too gorgeous to be photographed.




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