Tuesday’s Tune – 1

Well let’s kick this thing off with a classic from 1983.

I bought this single when it was released and I’m therefore partly responsible for it reaching the heady heights of number 6 in the UK charts.  I didn’t by the LP it came off, Rhythm of Youth, at the time but I did tape a copy that I borrowed from Wallsend library.  Last week however I was able to put that right and for the princely sum of £3 I picked up a second hand copy from RPM in Newcastle.

So, the Safety Dance.  What’s it all about then? Well, believe it or not this is a protest song.  Not against nuclear power or unprotected sex as some have postulated but rather about not being able to pogo in your favourite club.  Apparently the old pogo was seen as too dangerous and the clubs of Canada were instructing their bouncers to eject anyone caught doing it.  Lord knows how they would have dealt with Morris Dancers…

Recommended drink: Canadian Club Whisky.  About a bottle should have the video make sense.


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